Care to Inspire provides quality community-based services programs to give individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to be part of the community through an array of engaging activities. We foster an environment that offers structure and support for our participants to grow, enjoy their daily activities, and gain a sense of accomplishment. Our caring and supportive staff assists each individual in having the opportunity to explore new areas of interest and acquire adaptive skills. Our programs range from day habilitation, special education, customized employment, behavioral supports, recreational, and unique programs and activities.

We also provide mentoring services and art programs to young people who are underprivileged. We inspire, empower, transform, and strengthen the community we serve through creation and art. Our mentoring programs are designed to reach positive outcomes for the youth we serve to help them build social skills, self-awareness, self-care, and self-expression. Our goal is to offer an environment where they feel safe, relaxed, and use their imagination to simply create. Our plan is to utilize the resources and leadership necessary to uplift and mentor youth enrolled and participating in our programs.


Care to Inspire day habilitation is person-centered.  Our individual support plan incorporates structured learning based on the desires and capabilities of each participant. Our program gives our participants the opportunity to learn, socialize, enhance their communication and expression, and become more involved in their communities.  Our services are delivered individually or in a small group setting.  Our experienced team promotes a hands-on approach to help each individual achieve their personal goals.

  • Community Integration
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Foster Independence & Autonomy
  • Positive Behavioral Support
  • Safety Awareness
  • Hygiene and Health
  • Mobility Training: travel; shopping; dining out
  • Money Management Skill Development
  • Employment Readiness
  • Supported Employment Services
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Care to Inspire offers various recreational and leisure programs.  Our Art & Craft program plays an important role.  The program is designed to focus on a creative method where our participants can express themselves visually by applying what they learn.  As a result, it helps build fine motor and problem-solving skills.  We believe that Art contributes to transformative experiences that have remarkable impacts on social and emotional outcomes.  All our recreational programs are intended to stimulate, empower, promote positive development, and transform our participants to better manage their behaviors and feelings.

  • Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Physical Fitness Activities: sports, dance
  • Field Trips: museums, amusement parks, movies, farmers markets
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Care to Inspire believes that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities should actively participate in all aspects of society and should be given the same opportunities as everyone else.  We believe that if we set expectations, they will rise to the occasion and make a positive impact.  Our unique programs have many cognitive benefits and facilitate communication, movement, and expressions of feelings.  We offer innovative approaches that create opportunities for our participants to promote self-esteem and motivation to learn and succeed.

  • French Immersion Cultural Program: visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and multisensory  learning
  • Music Therapy: fun and creative use of music interventions
  • Informal Photography
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Meditation
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